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Therapeutic Coaching & Healing practice. We combine traditional coaching principles and techniques with therapeutic plant based medicines and ancient healing practices to address behavioural patterns and thoughts linked to: stress, trauma and sleeping problems.

Policy and Terms

Clients can cancel or reschedule appointments up to 24 hours before start time. Deposits are non-refundable in case of cancellation or no-show. However, if you reschedule your appointment using the link provided, your deposit will be automatically transferred to your future booking.



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Struggling To Breathe

Intro to Breathing with Bonini Co. Breathe Whisperer Can Help ! Feeling out of breath? You're not alone! Our "Intro to Breathing" program is designed for YOU, especially if traditional techniques aren't working. Using a science-backed method we improve your breathing patterns and lung function. Gain practical tools for daily use, leading to better lung capacity, reduced stress, and overall well-being. This introductory program is a cost-effective way to start. Limited-time offer: R350 for a 40-minute session! (Competitive price!)

40 min | R 350

Deep Therapeutic Behavioural Coaching (1 Session R1597.00 = Up To 90 Minutes Long)

1 h | R 5,550


30 min | R 2,950

Sleeping Therapy - Drug Free (1-on-1) online or offline

Total of 5 sessions. Each 30 minutes long. The sessions are conducted via WhatsApp Voice & or Video. We use emotional release therapy and Breathwork, to reduce cortisol, and calm the body-mind. Be ready to sleep peacefully for a change.

30 min | R 2,950

Lets Chat

Feeling Stuck? Unlock Your Well-being Journey with a FREE Chat! Life throws curveballs, and sometimes you need a little help figuring out how to catch 'em! Bonini Co. is here to guide you towards a more fulfilling you. We believe in tackling the root cause, not just slapping a bandaid on the symptoms. Our complimentary 15-minute Let's Chat session connects you with Bonini Botle Kusano, our Head of Therapeutic Coaching and affectionately known as the Breath Whisperer. This personalized chat offers a safe space to: Spill the tea! Share what's bubbling up in your well-being world, your goals, and any challenges you're facing. Get clarity: Bonini will lend a listening ear and offer insights into potential pathways to happiness and fulfillment. Explore your options: Discover customized coaching packages, powerful therapies like Timeline Therapy, and breathwork programs tailored to your specific needs and budget. Craft a plan that works for you: We believe in flexibility! Let's discuss.

15 min | R 0

Therapeutic Behavioural Coaching (1) session at a time

In person or online (if we come to you we charge R1,597.00)

1 h | R 1,050

Instant Just Under 10 min Trauma Therapy: (1) session R350.00| talk therapy can only take you to a point. Releasing trauma inside the body is the elixir to moving forward| 1 to 7 sessions

40 min | R 2,450

Burnout & Stress Relief Just Under 10 minutes

40 min | R 350

Business Meeting

1 h | R 0

Timeline Therapy: requires 15 minutes briefing session prior to the session (once-off) Deep seated- scary trauma eg rape; murder

Rewrite Your Story Feeling stuck in the past? Does your emotional baggage resurface, especially during seasonal shifts like Autumn? Timeline Therapy can help! This powerful NLP technique offers a unique approach to healing past traumas and limiting beliefs. By revisiting and reframing past experiences, Timeline Therapy empowers you to: Release emotional burdens and limiting beliefs. Build new, empowering narratives for a more fulfilling present. Reduce stress and psychosomatic symptoms. Cultivate emotional resilience and well-being. Don't let your past define your present.

2 h 15 min | R 1,975

Yoga Bath: Offer Open Until 25/06/23 - complimentary gift for 18/06/23: Fathers Day

1 h 30 min | R 0

Yin Yoga & Deep Therapeutic Breathing: Aches, Pains, Sleep Disorders Digestive Issues Caused By: Trauma; Stress; Burnout; Anxiety; Fatigue; Grief X 5 sessions 45 Min Each

45 min | R 1,050

Meditation For Beginners: 3 Sessions| Using Heart Coherence Breathing & Relaxation to meditate instantly using Pink Energy

15 min | R 525

Reduce Inflammation: Chronic inflammation is unhealthy & can lead to disease. This deep therapeutic breathing: (5) Sessions. Calms Nerves.Best Support To heal any chronic pain and illnesses.

25 min | R 1,700

Free - Pink Energy Meditation For Vital Organs - assists with feeling less pain,better sleep, reduce stress induced by pain & the idea of being sick. suitable for everyone even post op.

45 min | R 0

Breathing Is The New Black- a mission, a movement about sharing the importance & everyday practices about breathing. A personal mission by Bonini Kusano - founder & CEO of Bonini Co.

30 min | R 0

Bye-bye Anxiety - hello breath: First Free 10 minutes

10 min | R 0

(1 session) Release Therapy For Grief (Tapping & Breathwork)

30 min | R 450

Grieving For A Pet Therapy: this process will allow you to grief through loss without feeling any stress or tension in your body. And welcome change to happen at your own pace.

30 min | R 1,700

Quick Taste Regulating Sleep: (1) Emotional Release Session . Includes Deep Therapeutic breathing. Results In Quality Sleep.

30 min | R 497