Hello beautiful ladies! I’m Markita nice to meet you! I’m your Independent Nail Technician. Who can’t wait to meet & service you. When booking your appointment please book all services you will need for your appointment. You cannot add- on the day of appointment. No Toe BBLS🚫 No children or other guests whose not being serviced are allowed at the appointment. I take my time with every client and don’t want to be rushed or interrupted 😃 RESPONSE TIME: ✅Sunday- Saturday ✅Hours: 10am-6pm ✅Acceptable payments: Cash, Cash-App or Apple Pay for remaining balance If paying with credit card 3.5% charge will be added to balance. 🚨POLICY: NO REFUNDS 📌 Send non refundable $25 deposit to Cash App $thatnailchick757 or Apple Pay (757)831-3900 right after booking your appointment (No refunds on cancellations after 24 hours) You must reschedule within 24 hours to avoid losing deposit. You can only reschedule ONCE or you would have to send another deposit if you don’t reschedule within the requested time. Second reschedule will be a fee of $15 for the inconvenience. 📌I don’t work over other nail techs work, please come bare or add soak off to your appointment. If you are more than 10 minutes late arriving to your appointment you will be charged a $10 late fee. Please communicate that you are running late. After 15 minutes your appointment will be cancelled and you will need to reschedule. NO CALL/NO SHOW will result in being banned from booking! 📌You will receive a email confirmation when appointment is accepted. But, appointment is not finalized until deposit is received and location will be provided to you. Please include the correct contact information when booking. (If you were referred add the name of the referral). 💅🏽NAIL REPAIRS: I will fix a broken or defective nail up to (one) free of charge within 3 days of initial service only. 📌Please ensure before leaving your appointment, you are 100% satisfied with your service before leaving😊 Thank you for booking, have a nice day💕





10:30 AM - 9:00 PM




10:00 AM - 7:00 PM


10:30 AM - 7:30 PM


11:00 AM - 8:30 PM


10:00 AM - 7:30 PM

All services

Silent Appointment Tv Or Music Only (optional)

5 min | We love to be pampered in peace. when choosing this option you are deciding to receive your service with minimal conversation.

Emergency Appointment 🚨

Latest time for same day appointment is 7:30 PM. Please text me directly to schedule same day services. (availability not guaranteed)

5 min | $25 same day fee (Additional Fee) (Early Bird Fee $50) 8am earliest

✨Prom 2k24 Special🎀👑

Glam freestyle $85 can include rhinestones, nail art, charms and up to long length only Bling Nails $95 Bling nails can be any bling set if you want French bling additional ($25 fee) up to long length Freestyle & gel toes combo $155 includes pedicure, up to 2 big toes with gel enhancements (optional) and any choice gel polish (no gel on big toes ($10 will be deducted from total)

4 h | $95-$155 offer valid April-June

Brand Ambassador💕💅🏽

2 h 45 min | Price varies

Princess Gel Mani👑

45 min | $30 Gel Polish Included ages 5-12 years old (Includes (2) designs)

Princess Gel Toes👑

30 min | $30 Gel Polish Included ages 5-12 years old

Gel Manicure

1 h 10 min | $45 Gel polish over natural nails (choose a color up to (2) colors)

Builder Gel Mani

1 h 25 min | $60 (gel application applied to the natural nail) Includes One Solid Color Gel Polish (fill-in $55) freestyles additional $25


Acrylic over natural nails for enhancement and structure (short length) includes one solid color

1 h 45 min | $50 (colored acrylic $5 more)

Fill in for 2-3 weeks fill

(does not include designs must add on)

1 h 10 min | $50 & up gel polish included. price can increase based on length Short $50 Medium $55 Long $60 XL $70

Rebalance Fill 4 weeks

(does not include designs must add on)

1 h 45 min | $55 & up rebalance fill requires apex and building structure of the nail (includes gel polish) S$55 M$60 L$70 XL$80

Add- On Freestyle For Fills

55 min | $25 & up based on length (this option is those who have a current set on & wants freestyle art) I control the design

Recreate Sets (IG highlights Only)

These sets are listed on my Instagram Highlights. You have a variety of different sets to choose from

2 h 45 min | $55-$120 you must choose from my list of nail designs for these sets (great option if you have a budget & still want fancy nails) These are real trendsetter sets. Include number of set if shown*

Basic full set Includes All Shapes (one-two colors gel polish) Or One Color Acrylic Set (almond, duck, & stilleto $5 extra

One or two basic colors +$5 for additional colors/ must add on for designs

2 h | Short $55 Medium $60 Long $70 XL $80

Gel X Set (models)

Gel base application last about 2-3 weeks or more based on care (nail tips applied) Add-On for designs

2 h | $55 and up

Ombre Set

($5 additional for two color Ombré) $10 Marble Or Croc (ombre)

2 h | Short $65 Medium $75 Long $85 XL $95

Abstract/simple Set

Pick one style for your set/(simple designs, line art, & marble designs only)

2 h 20 min | Short $75 Medium $85 Long $95 XL $105

French Tip Set

2 h 50 min | Short $70 Medium $80 Long $100 XL $110

V-Tip French Set

2 h 35 min | Short $70 Medium $80 Long $90 XL $100

Creative French Tip

this set variety consists of nail art on each nail (limited charms)

2 h 55 min | Short $105 Medium $115 Long $135 XL $145

Sugar Glitter French Set

Raw glitter frenchies on each finger

2 h 45 min | Short $90 Medium $100 Long $110 XL $120

Go crazy on my Duckies Set 😍🦆

Duckie freestyle set $120 set price, design & length will be up to me (these sets are extravagant, charms, rhinestones, plenty of designs.

2 h 45 min | Short $100 Medium $115 Long $135 XL $155 XXL $200

Freestyle Sets

Choose your desired length. I will choose and have complete control over the design

2 h 45 min | Short $80 Medium $90 Long $100 XL $110

Birthday Freestyle🥳🎂

Choose your desired length. I will choose and have complete control over the design (this set can include. bling. charms & rhinestones

2 h 55 min | Short $85 Medium $95 Long $105 XL $115

Bestie Freestyle 👯‍♀️💓

Enjoy Your Nail Day With This Someone You Love (Short, Medium, Medium-long Set)

4 h | $160

Encapsulated Set

(Colored acrylic sets only) this set includes various nail art inside the nail. hearts. foils. glitter. money. etc

2 h 45 min | Short $80 Medium $90 Long $110 XL $120

Bling me out Set 💎✨

Jewels on each finger. This set can have various bling & charms or both

3 h | Short $110 Medium $120 Long $140 XL $180 Partial Bling (full coverage bling $50 additional)

Soak off (nails)

1 h 10 min | $20 My work $25 Salon work (possible MMA)

Nail Repair

30 min | $5 per nail

Nail Repair treatment

Reduces discoloration for brighter nails. Smooths out thickness, uneven surface, ridges. Hydrates to end peeling and brittleness. Strengthens, grows fragile, torn, cracked nails.

5 min | $5-$10 nails or toes

Cut down

5 min | $4

Nail Reshape

Depending on nail length and shape

30 min | $15 Includes Cut Down & Nail Shape Change

Add-On Polish Change

One solid color

45 min | 35 & up Gel polish included

Add- On French Tips🤍 (nails)


20 min | $15

Add- On French Bling

40 min | Short & Medium $25 for L-XXL length $50)

Add- On Nail Designs

40 min | 2-4 nails $6-$12 /6-8 nails $18-$24 /10 nails $30 (textured designs $5 & up additional) for example croc print, sweater nail etc

Add- On Nail Art hand drawn

45 min | $10 & up can include small characters & other detailed art (Huge Characters $20 per nail

Add- On Encapsulated Art

20 min | $10 and up dried flowers. glitter. money $3 ombré accent per nail. hearts. any type of art inside of the acrylic nail

Add- on nail forms for sculpted building of the nail

10 min | $10

Add- On Nubs

25 min | $10 exclusively for nail bitters/Extra strength enhancement to ensure the nail beds are secured

Add- On length XXL

15 min | $15

Add- On foils $2

10 min | Price varies per nail

Add- On $3 Nail Piercing

10 min | Per Nail

Add- On Pixies $3

10 min | Per (2) Nails

Add- On sugar glitter nail

15 min | $5 Per (2) Nails

Add- On Chrome powder Or Pigment Powders

20 min | $1 per nail

Add- On Glow Acrylic Or Colored Bottoms

25 min | $10 add on (glow in the dark effect) Or Colored Bottoms Under Nail Tips

Add- On Nail Charms $3-$7

15 min | Price Per Nail

Add- On Acrylic art or 3D flowers

20 min | $8 & up

Add- On half rhinestones

25 min | $5 per nail (half bling)

Add- On full rhinestones

45 min | $10 per nail (full bling)

Regular Organic Pedicure

50 min | $40 includes gel polish. aromatherapy tea tree oil. peppermint. lavender oil sugar scrub. body oil. file. trim

Organic Milk & Honey Pedicure

55 min | $45 includes gel polish hot towel. file. trim callus remover. honey sugar scrub. honey body butter

Lux Organic Pedicure

55 min | $55 includes gel polish includes file. trim. hot towel. callus remover. lotion. sugar scrub. foot mask. bath bomb

Egyptian Lux Gold Spa Pedicure

1 h | $60 Gold soak powder. Gold sugar scrub. Gold mask. Gold body butter & Gold massage cream (includes Hot Towel & Gel Polish) Gold renews and revitalizes. Enjoy Your Karat Gold Pedicure In Luxury.

Detox Pedicure

1 h | $65 Sea Salt Soak to detox & deodorize the feet. Sugar Scrub to gently exfoliate dead skin. Mud Masque to deep cleanse impurities. Massage Butter to hydrate and soothes skin. ( Real Fruit Added) includes Hot Towel & Gel Polish)

Pedicure Add on- Dried roses 🌹

10 min | $10 helps relax. relieves stress and soothe the mood (gives a Luxurious Experience)

Pedicure Add on- Jelly Bath 🛁

15 min | $15 can help you remove toxins. stimulate blood circulation. exfoliate moisturizes and softens dry cracked skin

Add- on Soak Off (toes)

1 h | $15 (My Work) $20 Salon

Acrylic Toe set only/gel polish (lasts up to 4-8 weeks)

(Add-on for designs) I don’t offer toe BBLS

1 h 30 min | $70 Design Not Included (Add On for Designs. bling etc (Consultation Required) *Pricing may increase

Acrylic Toe Freestyle Set

Freestyle is up to me, your set may include art, charms or bling

1 h 45 min | $80

Acrylic Toes Set/organic pedicure with gel polish

Add-on for designs No toe BBLS I don’t do toe reconstruction

2 h 30 min | $105 (BUNDLE DEAL) (lasts up to 4-8 weeks) (Consultation Required) *Pricing may increase

Acrylic Toes Fill

1 h | $60 starting price for all toes & Includes One Gel Color. (2-3 fills Max)

Add- On Acrylic Gel Toes (Big toes)

45 min | $40 add enhancement to natural toe nails nail (last Up To 4 Weeks) $35 fill In & Includes Gel Polish

Add- On Gel Toe Enhancement Set

1 h 10 min | $55 fullset (fill In $45)

Add- On French Toe Design

30 min | $20

Add- On Toe Designs

$3 Per Nail & up/3D flowers $5 & up

30 min | $3 Per Nail & up

Add- On Bling (toes)

20 min | $5 half bling Or $10 full bling Per Nail

Soak off kits (nail care)

Soak off bowls, or soak off foils (includes clips) cuticle oil, nail clipper, & file.

5 min | $25

Custom press ons

(free glued install when you spend $50 or more please expect to pickup press ons between 2-3 days after booking

5 min | $35 starting price kit included

Press on install Glue or gel based

50 min | $10 Glue install $15 Acrylic add on

One on One Class Session💅🏽

5 h | $595 Teach the basics of the nail anatomy. prep. application.shaping drilling techniques & sanitation and more (Beginner Nail Kit Included) $250 Non- Refundable deposit

Press On Class Session💅🏽

3 h | $395 Teach and provide product information. go in detail on how to create a press on. sizing & packaging and more (includes Nail Kit) $200 deposit Non-refundable)