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Policy and Terms

In the case of same-day cancelations deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. In the case of a no-call or no-show; deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please call or text me directly if any unforeseen events occur that may interfere with your scheduled appointment time so we can discuss the possibility of transferring your deposit. Direct communication is the only exception to consider any deposit transfers.





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8:00 AM - 7:30 PM

All services

1 Application of Color Root Touch Up (Box Color. Color is not included unless requested. The price of the color purchase will be included in your total)

1 h | $65+

Apple Cidar Vinegar Loc Detox

30 min | $45

Children's Interlock

1 h 30 min | $135+

Children's Loc Maintenance 5-11 ONLY (Price varies depending on new growth and part sizes)

1 h | $100+

Children's Loc Twostrand Twists( price depends on length and part size)

30 min | $65+

Children's Loc Petal Style (Price depends length of hair and style type)

30 min | $65+

Children's Basic Loc Styles (ages 5-10) A basic loc style consists of 1-4 loc braids

15 min | $35+

Children's Starter Locs (5-10) Price Varies Depending on Hair Length and Part Size)

2 h | 175+

LOC Color Services (Book Consultation

2 h | Price varies

Deep Cleansing Wash ONLY (Locs)

20 min | $35

Hair Consultation: If you book your appointment within the same week of consult, the price is reduced from your booked services.

30 min | $25

Halo (Retwist Around Perimeter wash not included)

This service is to have a neat look around the edges of your hair without doing a full retwist/maintenance and wash.

30 min | $45

Interlock Average Loc Size (Price depends on new growth and part sizes)

1 h 30 min | $155+

Interlock Mini Locs (Price depends on new growth and part sizes)

4 h | $225+

Interlock with Undercut ( Price depends upon part sizes and new growth an undercut are locs with a fade around the back and side

1 h 30 min | $145+

Itch Be Gone Scalp Treatment

30 min | $45

Loc Comb Out (Price is per hr which is dictated by you. Consultation is required.) Book only for a Saturday

1 h | $125

Loc Curls

1 h 30 min | $85+

Loc Cut/Trim (prices vary depending on how you want the cut)

30 min | $45

Comb Twist/Coils (Style not starter locs)

1 h 30 min | $175+

Loc Highlights (Price is per loc. Additional charge for color purchase. Price can vary depending on length of hair.)

30 min | $25+

Loc Maintenance/Retwist (Price depends on new growth and part sizes)

1 h | $115+

Loc Maintenance with Undercut and or Larger Parts (Price depends on new growth and part size). An undercut is when you have shav

1 h | $95+

Loc Petal Ponytail (price varies by hair length and style type)

30 min | $75+

Loc Petals Full Head (price varies by hair length and style type)

30 min | $85+

Loc Plaits (Braids) Individuals (Price varies with Length and size)

30 min | $85+

Loc Reattachment (Price is Per reattachment)

15 min | $20+

Loc Repair (Thinning loc repair. Price is per repair)

15 min | $20+

Loc Style ( Basic...A basic style is considered 1-4 loc braids going back or in an updo without braids or twostrand twists on th

30 min | $45+

Loc Style ( Free Style price varies dependingon length of hair and what's being done)

30 min | $55+

Loc Trim

15 min | $45+

Loc Twostrand Twist "Ropes" (Style ONLY) Price Varies with Length of Locs)

45 min | $85+

Mini Locs (Halo) Perimeter Interlock (includes wash, if necessary)

1 h 30 min | $145+

Pipe cleaners Style Only (Price varies on style type)

45 min | $85+

Sistalocs Maintenance (price depends on new growth and grid size)

4 h | 320+

Starter Locs with Undercut (hair at top faded all around) Price is based upon length and desired part size

1 h 30 min | 185+

Starter Locs (Price may vary depending on size of parts and hair type. Consultation may be required for this service.)

1 h 30 min | 200+

Starter Mini Locs (please call for consultation price varies) Payment Options Are Available

10 h | $1500+

Straight Back Braids (2-5 Braids w Your Natural Hair. Price vary depending on length and part size)

1 h | $75+

Twostrand Twists Loose Hair Undercut (No Hair with undercut) price varies depending on Hair length and part sizes.

1 h 30 min | $145+

Twostrand Twists Loose Hair (No Hair Added includes wash detangle and blowout) The price varies depending on length & part size

1 h 30 min | $175+

16:14 Nourishing Hair Skin and Nail Oil 8Oz

5 min | $25