Hair Replacement Service - If you're unable to find available time slots at the New West branch, consider checking the Chilliwack branch instead.

Policy and Terms

“Please ensure the date and time are confirmed before payment. Deposits are non-refundable in case of cancellation or no-show. If you reschedule via the provided link, your deposit will not transfer and will be forfeited."







11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.


11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.


11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.


11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.


11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

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2. Hair System SWAP

Effective May 2024, our dual hair system service offers clients with two hair systems the convenience of seamlessly switching during their appointment, saving precious time. This streamlined process allows us ample time to clean and prepare your system for your next visit, guaranteeing a seamless transition each time. In essence, we’ll be effortlessly swapping systems during your appointment to maximize your convenience and satisfaction. However, please note that if you fail to order your next hair system before the dual hair system is ready for replacement, we will have to charge the single hair system service fee if you don’t have a system available for swapping.

45 min | $150

7. Hair Cut-in ( NMB Hair System )

This service is tailored for clients wanting a new haircut with an NMB Hair system. It involves removing the current hair system, cleansing the scalp, and prepping it for installation. Also shampoo and conditioning head wash. We then prepare the scalp for the new system using glue and tape, followed by executing the desired haircut and style. Affected from May 2024

1 h 30 min | $200

10. Walker Max Hold Sport stronger hold (Add this to your hair service)

Experience the Walker Max Hold Sport stronger hold – a special layer of support applied before your hair system. This adds extra hold and acts as a barrier, preventing glue leakage. Many clients swear by it! Consider adding this to your regular service and give it a try. You're bound to love the results! 💪✨

5 min | $10

Prices of all models

Updated prices for our hair system models, effective May 2024! To ensure a seamless experience and timely delivery of your new hair system, we kindly advise placing your order 3-4 weeks in advance, particularly if you observe any wear and tear on your current system. During your next visit, remember to inquire about a fresh quote to secure your new hair system at the single service price. Here's a glimpse of our new pricing: 1) Non-breathable poly hair systems : $750 - $950 2) Breathable and Hybrid hair systems - $1000 - $1200 5) Customize your hair system: $1300-$2000 Key Points to Note: 👉 Our price estimates are based on dark black and dark brown colors, with hair textures of slight wave or straight. 👉 For customized hair systems due to color density and gray hair, please request a unique quote. 👉 Production time will be 3-4 weeks from the advance payment.

5 min | $750-$2000

3. Same Hair System service

This service is tailored for clients who have either one hair system or have unfortunately missed the timely ordering of their dual hair system. Please note that this service requires approximately 1.45 hours to thoroughly clean and perform all necessary maintenance steps for your hair system. We strongly advise maintaining a cycle of two or three hair systems to avoid incurring an additional fee of $50. This proactive approach ensures continuity in your hair care routine while minimizing any inconvenience or extra costs.

1 h 30 min | $200

11. Head Massage (Add this to your hair service)

Step into ultimate relaxation! Elevate your experience by adding our 10-minute scalp massage service to your regular hair service. Revel in the rejuvenating touch, as we wash your scalp with mint-flavored shampoo, leaving you with a refreshing and cooling sensation. Trust us, this pampering treat is a must-try! 🌿💆‍♂️

5 min | $25

1. Consultation in person | Try a sample

Our consultation is packed with value! We'll cover all your questions about Hair Replacement, showcase various styles, match colors, densities, and textures to ensure perfection. Plus, we'll discuss hairstyles and provide a personalized estimate – all dedicated to enhancing your Hair Replacement experience! 💇‍♂️💡

30 min | $50

8. Hair system cut-in (Bring your own - no existing hair system on)

We welcome clients who bring their own hair systems that were not purchased from NMB. If you arrive without wearing your hair system at the time of your visit, we will proceed with sizing, fitting, and placing the hair system, as well as cutting your hair according to your desired style. Please note that in such cases, we cannot take responsibility for factors such as density, color, and hair direction, as it is the sole responsibility of the client to acquire these elements from external sources.

1 h 30 min | $250

12. Scalp Pack (Add this to your hair service)

Experience our rejuvenating hair scalp pack! It includes a specialized scalp pack to refresh and moisturize your scalp after 2-3 weeks of coverage. This treatment ensures essential moisture for your scalp skin. Enjoy a luxurious 10-minute head massage for an added touch of relaxation. Optimal scalp health is just a booking away—schedule this rejuvenating treatment every three months with your regular hair service for a soothing, irritation-free result. 💆‍♀️✨

30 min | $100

4. Interim Own Hair Cut or Fade

For a sharp and tidy look, book our maintenance service! We'll swiftly handle your haircut or fade, ensuring a clean and neat hairstyle. This service focuses solely on keeping your cut in top-notch shape – no glue or touch-ups involved. Ready to stay effortlessly polished? ✂️👌

30 min | $75

9. Hair system cut-in ( Bring your own - wearing existing hair sysyem

If you bring a hair system from outside and are also wearing an existing system at the time of your visit, our service includes the removal of the existing system, head washing, shampooing, conditioning, as well as sizing, cutting, placement, and styling of the hair system you've brought in. Please be aware that we do not assume responsibility for factors such as color, density, and hair direction, as the hair system was not solely purchased through us.

2 h | $350

5. Touch up - Re glue

Feel a bit of weakening in your system's strength? No worries! Opt for a touch-up with a stronger glue to keep things in shape until your next full service. This quick fix doesn't involve removing the hair system or any haircuts – just a little boost to maintain that flawless look! 💪✨

15 min | $50

13. Color the hair system (Add this to your hair service)

Revamp your style! If you're opting for a hair system color change, pair it up with your preferred hair service for the complete transformation. This service is designed to enhance your look, so let's book it alongside your desired hair service! 🎨✨

30 min | $100


Need a hair appointment urgently? But could not find the time slot. For an additional fee of $100+ on top of the regular fee, secure your preferred time slot. Just specify the service, date, and time, and we'll do our best to accommodate you. Get the convenience you deserve.

5 min | 100$ + select the regular service