💕Sports Massage Sessions, choose the Deep Tissue Option and mention Sports in the memo 💕Swedish Massage is a Relaxing Experience 💕Integrated Massage is a mixture of different massage modalities depending on your body's needs. Most popular option. 💕Deep Tissue Massage reaches the deeper muscles and can be intense for some. 💕MLD massage is a soft massage technique that stimulates the lymphatic flow and helps transport the lymph from swollen to non-swollen areas. 💕Back Neck & Shoulders massage only focuses on the upper half of the body and is an Integrated Massage for intensity purposes. 🎟If paying using a Scratch-Off please mention the value of the card in the memo when booking ⛔️719 S. Lowry St Smyrna ⛔️ 📍Located w/in Better Body Fitness *By Appointment Only *Mobile Pricing Subject To Change *Fifth Massage 40% off!!! *First time clients must book their first session as in-shop. No mobile-requests will be approved for first-time clients. *Couples massages are done in partnership with Just One Touch -male associate *Travel fee may apply depending on distance *No-Shows and chronic cancelers require a 100% deposit to re-book *If an appointment is canceled with less than a 24 hour notice, a $25 cancelation fee will be added to the next therapy session *If an appointment is canceled with less than a 12 hour notice, the full amount of the session will be charged prior to rescheduling *Appointment requests that begin after 930pm, add $50 late night charge *If you do not see a desired session time, feel free to call or text 615-487-1970

Smyrna, TN, USA
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
6:30 PM - 10:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Trade for Licensed Massage Therapists BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 2h
Swedish Massage 60min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 1h
Swedish Massage 75min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 1h 15m
Swedish Massage 90min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 1h 30m
Swedish Massage 105min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 1h 45m
Swedish Massage 120min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 2h
Swedish Massage 150min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 2h 30m
Lymphatic Drainage 30min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 30m
Lymphatic Drainage 50min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 50m
Lymphatic Drainage 90min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 1h 30m
Deep Tissue Massage 60min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 1h
Deep Tissue Massage 75min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 1h 15m
Deep Tissue Massage 90min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 1h 30m
Integrated 60min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 1h
Integrated 75min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 1h 15m
Integrated 90min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 1h 30m
Integrated 120min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 2h
Back Neck & Shoulders 60min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 1h
Back Neck & Shoulders 75min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 1h 15m
Back Neck & Shoulders 90min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 1h 30m
Exfoliating Foot Massage Add On BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 15m
Promo Massage BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 1h 30m
Mobile 60min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 1h 30m
Mobile 75min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 1h 45m
Mobile 90min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 2h
Mobile 105min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 2h 15m
Mobile 120min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 2h 30m
Mobile 150min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 3h
Mobile 180min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 3h 30m
Mobile Couples Massage 60min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 1h 30m
Mobile Couples Massage 75min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 1h 45m
Mobile Couples Massage 90min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 2h
Mobile Couples Massage 105min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 2h 15m
Birthday Massage 60min BUSINESS_INFO.duration: 1h


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