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BB GLOW is scientifically proven nano needling technology to safely infuse nutrient-rich serums into the top layer of your skin. It provides a semi-permanent light coverage foundation look, to gradually camouflage your facial imperfections (it is NOT a tattoo) -including dull and uneven skin texture, pigmentation, redness, dark circles and large pores. Treatment time: 1hr and 45minutes Pain level: zero to none

1 h 45 min | $250

Pink Bikini

Introducing PINK BIKINI treatment the newest and the most latest procedure to treat the dark skin on the intimate area, no matter how dark it is we can improve it. To get more information please send a message on my whatsapp 0402895447

2 h 30 min | $1,200


Dark Lip Neutralization is a special procedure that is used to neutralize the darkness in the lips in order to reach a desired color. During the procedure, we will assess how many sessions we need to neutralize the lips by cancelling out the original color. Individual results varies.

3 h 30 min | $450


microblading or feathering technique involves the artist creating a hyperrealistic hair strokes using a manual tool and high quality pigments for the brows implanted to the brow skin—thus leaving Natural strokes that mimics your brow hair. This will give you a more defined and fuller brows. We will measure and shape it according to your facial symmetry and bone structure and we will collab to find the perfect shape to match your feature to achieve your desired look, so that you will have a Vision on how it will look like on you. After your approval of the shape and you’re 100% that’s the time that I will proceed.

3 h | $500


LIP BLUSH This treatment is perfect for those desiring natural-looking lips with enhanced colour and symmetry. It can also cover uneven pigmentation or scars as well as creating definition and fuller lips. How Long Does It Last? Lip Blush Tattoo lasts between two to three years and will gradually lighten and fade over time until your lips slowly return to their natural hue. We recommend yearly touch-up sessions to prolong the lip shade you desire.

3 h | $450

Pink Areola

Improve the shade of your areola. We will assess it on how many sessions you need.

2 h 30 min | $1,200

HIFU Full Face

HIFU stands for ‘High Focused Ultrasound’ this treatment targets underlining skin levels including the SMAS (muscle layer) at the right energy for skin tightening, skin lifting and body contouring. Entirely non-invasive, HIFU works by targeting deep layers in the skin. Up to a 20% difference can be seen right after treatment with full results continuing up to 12 weeks as the body reproduces its own natural collagen. HIFU Treatment is quicker and gives a more precise outcome as it delivers up to 12 lines per single button press compared to Classic HIFU that only delivers 1 line per single button press. (More than 10,000 shots administered)

1 h 30 min | $500

LIP BLUSH touch-up 4-6weeks

This price is only for Erin’s existing clients.

2 h 30 min | $199

BROW TOUCH-UP 4-6weeks

This price is only for Erin’s existing client

1 h 30 min | $180

Deluxe facial

Relaxation cleanse | steam | enzyme exfoliation | mechanical extraction | customised modality | customised serums | hydrojelly mask | scalp & dècolletage massage | skincare

1 h | $90


This price is only for Erin’s existing clients

3 h | $250


Ombré brows gives a similar effect to applying powder or pencil on your brows. However, this technique can be done as light and natural, or as bold and beautiful – it depends on your personal preference. The procedure is performed using a micro-pigmentation machine and gradually builds defined shape and colour for the brows. The results for these techniques tend to last longer than microblading as the pigment and is suitable for all individuals, especially those with more oily skin types.

3 h | $550


Triple session of teeth whitening. Achieve 3-10 shades lighter after your triple session.

1 h | $159


Female hair loss or Alopecia. If you want to add density and cover up your bald spot.

2 h | $500

Microblading Training

8 h | Price varies

BROW TOUCH UP 6wks-18months

This price is only for Erin’s existing clients. 6weeks -18 months

2 h | $250


Combo brows is a combination of two forms of semi-permanent techniques: microblading and powder brows (shading). Microblading hair-strokes are placed with a manual tool around the border of the brow to give the brow a natural look, which then transitions to a powdered effect to the body and tail of the brow to give the brow more fullness and density. This is ideal for oily skin types.

3 h | $550


MALE BROWS is a semi permanent form of cosmetic tattooing were we will use a feathering technique to create hairstrokes, strategically placed following your natural hair growth to achieve a hyperrealistic result creating a masculine look. This procedure is also combined with a very soft shading if needed. We will measure and shape with a pencil and a professional ruler to ensure symmetry and precision. We will shape to compliment your facial features, and by doing so we design based on your natural eyebrow hair/lip shape and desired look. This step can take up to 1 hour, as we don’t start the procedure until you are 100% happy with the shape.

3 h | $550

SKIN TAG REMOVAL per area unlimited

depending on the area. Clients should send a photo of the area to be assessed for exact cost

30 min | 300 per area unlimited

Extraction Facial

Relaxation cleanse | enzyme skin bath | steam | mechanical extraction | manual tool extraction | customised modality | customised serum | skin care

1 h 30 min | $125


Relaxation cleanse | microdermabrasion procedure | customised mask | skincare

40 min | $85


This treatment is clinically proven to visibly reduce wrinkles, treat acne scarring, improve skin texture, increases natural collagen production and minimize pore size. Double cleanse | steam | fruit enzyme exfoliator | skin needling | mesoheal mask | scalp & dècolletage massage Full face (1hr & 15 mins) 185 Full face + neck (1hr & 30mins) 225

1 h 15 min | $185


Double cleanse | steam | enzyme exfoliation | high frequency | acne cure serum | blue LED light | customised mask

1 h 30 min | $150


Micro infusion of coenzymes, hyaluronic, glutathione and amino acids. Relaxation cleanse | steam | mechanical extraction | micro infusions | brightening complex mask | scalp and dècolletage massage | LED Light

1 h 30 min | $125


Dermaplaning facial is a safe exfoliation procedure using a medical-grade sterile blade to gently scrape over the surface of the skin and remove excess dead skin cells and fine vellus hair. This treatment leaves the skin smoother, brighte, while also helping with better product absorption. Double cleanse | signature preparation solution | signature preparation oil | dermaplaning | fruit enzyme peel | extraction or alternative | customised hydrojelly mask | scalp & dècolletage massage | skincare

1 h | $115


For congested backs that needs to be detoxified. Removes all impurities and helps protects and treats dead cells build up to encourage cellular activity and new collagen and elastin production Deep cleansing | steam | enzyme exfoliation | microdermabrasion | hydrojelly customised mask | 15 minutes back, neck and shoulder massage

1 h 15 min | $225


Designed specifically for the needs of male skin. Double cleanse | enzyme skin bath | steam | mechanical extraction | manual tool extraction | hydrojelly customised mask | customised serums | scalp & dècolletage massage | skincare

1 h 15 min | $125


Extraction 20 Arm massage 20 LED LIGHT 15 Enzyme Skin Bath 10 Hydrojelly Mask 20

30 min | $50


Emsculpt Emsculpt is a non-invasive procedure that will help you achieve the body contour that you want in just 30 minutes. This high-intensity focused technology significantly reduces fat and tones the muscle at the same time for that instant after-workout body figure. It's like doing 20,000 sit-ups in one sitting.

30 min | $150