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Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you cancel your appointment up to 48 hours before, you will not be charged the remainder of your appointment. If you cancel your appointment within 48 hours of your appointment, you will be charged the remainder cost of your appointment.





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Au Natural Occasion Makeup

Au Natural Occasion Makeup

If you love minimal makeup - A fresh, light foundation that covers only what you need. The skin looks like skin. Focusing on the eyes to create that soft, enchanted look with individual or strip lashes.
Au Natural Occasion Makeup

45 min | £60

Soft Glam Occasion Makeup

Soft Glam Occasion Makeup

If you love medium coverage - Soft Glam is a fan favourite. You can expect flawless foundation and soft contour alongside an enhancing eye with individual or strip lashes.
Soft Glam Occasion Makeup

1 h | £60

Full Glam Occasion Makeup

Full Glam Occasion Makeup

If you love full coverage- Full Glam covers everything but still feels comfortable. Contour is applied everywhere. Popping eyes are popular to give that wow factor. Lash and liner of choice added if you wish. A matte finish is most popular for this to keep the skin looking perfect all day. Lashes of your choice are included. This look is fully customisable.
Full Glam Occasion Makeup

1 h 15 min | £65

1-1 Makeup Lesson

1-1 Makeup Lesson

Bring your makeup bag and brushes because I'm going to teach you all the skills you need to do your makeup flawlessly. We will cover: skin prep, base, contour, eyes and lips. Totally customisable to what you want to learn.
1-1 Makeup Lesson

2 h 15 min | £175

Bridal Makeup Trial

Bridal Trials are held on weekdays only, thank you. An in-depth consultation to begin your bridal makeup journey with me, we will touch on your skin, makeup preferences, hair style, dress etc. it’s important to have some ideas in your mind of the type of makeup you like and may like to try with me. I will then put these ideas together to create you your dream look. Making adjustments and tweaks on the way. All will be noted and captured on a face chart which I will refer too on the day.

2 h | £95

Bridal Party Trial

This service is for a bridesmaid or mother of the bride or groom who wishes to trial their makeup look before the big day. This service begins with a in depth consultation discussing the makeup. A custom face chart is made with all products and details used. Photos are captured at the end of the trial so we can refer to the on the wedding day.

1 h 30 min | £65

1-1 Makeup and Hair Lesson

An in depth makeup lesson covering prep, products, mixing, blending, application and setting. Looking at your current products and tools and advising what you need and how to use what you have. Hair styling guidance bespoke for your hair type and length. I teach you how to curl your hair alongside simple but effective up do’s that you can master in one session.

3 h | £250

Hair Styling - Curls

Hair Styling - Curls

Dry hair styling including; Straight hair, beauty waves, bouncy curls and pin curls.
Hair Styling - Curls

30 min | £25

Hair Styling - Glam Hollywood Waves

A style designed to hold all day and night. Volume and bounce with shine.

45 min | £40

Bridal Consultation

A free fifteen minute phone consultation to discuss your bridal options and questions.

15 min | £0

Tatti Lashes Application

This service is for those looking for Tatti Lashes invisi-lash application. A set of individual lashes that last up to a week.

20 min | £20

Studio Content Session: Hair & Makeup

For anyone wanting content for their socials. Small business, influencers, content creators and more. This package includes: In person Instagram audit and consultation. Soft/Full Glam Hair and Makeup Variety of images and videos relating to your audience and business. Tips and tricks for taking and editing content All images and videos are captured on an Iphone12 & 15 and airdropped over at the end of the session. Choose up to 15 images for me to edit within 24hrs.

3 h | £175

Early Hours charge

5 min | £10 charge per hour earlier than 9am.

Lash Clean

To ensure your lashes last well your lashes and lash line must be clean and free of any makeup or skincare. I use waterproof eye makeup remover to ensure all product is removed, ready for fresh lashes to be applied.

10 min | £5