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Shellac comes in the form of a polish but contains gel and polish mixed together. This makes it stronger than regular polish, but not as strong as a builder gel. Shellac is actually a brand name and it was created by Creative Nail Design. Once placed over the nail, it is also cured under a UV lamp and can last around 14 days. Gel manicure with Builder gel is a much stronger alternative to regular gel polishes as Shellac and has a thicker, richer consistency that helps to strengthen nails and care for them. So, yes, it's like a nail polish, but so much more! Hard gel is a self-leveling gel that cannot be soaked off with acetone and needs to be filed off. Hard Gel is perfect for gel nail extensions and can be used with nail forms to sculpt medium to long nail extensions. Gel pedicure is a nail treatment and preparation, cleaning your cuticles, and making sure each toe nail is perfectly shaped with smooth edges before application. A gel base coat is an essential first step, followed by two or more thin layers of polish and a gel top coat to seal your new pedicure. Difference between a Gel pedicure and E-File pedicure is that E-File pedicure includes removing and smoothing rough skin and calluses with special designed drill bits named 'Pododiscs'





9:00 - 17:30


9:00 - 17:30


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All services


2 h | £50

Hybrid gel manicure

A combination of hard gel and builder gel 45

1 h 40 min | £45

Hard Gel

2 h | £45

Infill Hard gel

2 h | £45

Builder gel / BIAB

1 h 20 min | £35


1 h | £30


40 min | £25

Gel Pedicure

1 h | £35

E-File Pedicure / callus removal

Callus removal with pododiscs

1 h 20 min | £45

Nail art

10 min | £5

Builder Gel removal

30 min | £15

Shellac removal

20 min | £10