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Single 60 minute lesson on-site

This is for an individual lesson which works best when determining one’s level play, learning the game for the first time, are those wanting to work on specific skills like technique and foot work

1 h | $75

2-4 people for a 60 minute lesson on-site

This will be your organized group unless we have discussed and arranged a group together . Working in a group allows us to focus on what your needs are. We will also be learning more about footwork technique and strategy on the court. This is great for all levels of players from beginner to intermediate to advanced tournament players.

1 h | $50pp

2-4 person lesson on-site

This will be your organized group unless we have discussed and arranged a group together

1 h 30 min | $65pp

Set up by staff Welcome to Pickleball Beginners Clinic 6-8 players

This is an entry level intro to Pickleball to our clinic. Learn how to play the game of Pickleball while working on your paddle positioning rules of the game. How to serve. Intro strategy, Fun games and What on earth is the kitchen question!

2 h | $60pp

Set up by staff 3.0 -3.5 Beginners to Intermediate Pickleball Clinic

This Clinic will be working with those that know how to play the game. Can get dinks at the kitchen and handle rally’s. This will focus on foot work and technique, as well as an introduction into the geometry and angles of the Pickleball Court and strategy. Max 8

2 h | $60pp

Set up by staff 3.5+ intermediate to advanced clinic

This clinic is best for those that are working on, advanced strategy and adding to their game with trick shots, top of spin, targets and placement.

2 h | $60pp

Group team builder/Party/event

These events are a huge hit! Depending on the group size, we will need to determine a appropriate location. We can work with all levels of players, teaching them how to play the game or adding in strategy, and then finish it up with a fun round, robin, mini tournaments, we can work together to create the perfect event for you. Events can range from 2 to 4 hours.

2 h | $60pp

Mixed doubles for person group lesson

Bring your favorite mixed partner to learn more about the strategy and gameplay in gender, mixed doubles. Minimum of four maximum of six.

1 h 30 min | $60pp

Private event

30 min | Price varies


2 h | Price varies

Offisite lesson 2-4 players

Lesson at your property, travel time .

1 h | $55

Offsite office court travel fee

15 Mile max then additional $1 a mile

30 min | $10

Off-site singles lesson

1 h 20 min | $85

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