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Combination Brows

This technique is a combination of hair strokes at head brows and shading from middle to tail. Providing natural, soft textured tattoo eyebrows. Long-lasting and great for everyday makeup brows look. Suitable for all skin type.

3 h | $850

Lashline Enhancement

A dark lash line is a subtle way of giving the appearance of thicker lashes, which is nice for fair-haired individuals as it makes the eyes stand out more.

1 h 30 min | $600

Soft Winged Eyeliner

Perfect for those that want a soft natural liner that will give their eyes so much more definition. This includes a lash enhancement and add on partial wet line for even more of an eye-opening effect.

2 h | $700

PMU Laser Removal

30 min | $150

Powder Brows

Powder brows is a method of cosmetic brow tattooing using tattoo machine .This style heal soft powdered/ pencil filled in effect .Powder brows generally last longer than hairstroke styles, and are suitable for all skin types.

2 h | $850

Laser Removal Package ( 3 sessions)

30 min | $350

Nano Machine Hairstrokes

This technique is to create hair- line using a digital tattoo machine. Ideally for people don't wear much make-up. Suitable for normal /dry/mid-oily skin.

3 h | $850

Eyeliner Perfection Touchup

4-6 weeks touchup is highly recommended to archive better result after your initial session.

1 h | $250


30 min | $50


Done by Nano Hairstroke technique to create masculine appearance. Hairtrokes placed in a more random nature following the natural pattern of the growth.

3 h | $950

Eyeliner Refresh

Within 12 months $400 Within 24 months $500 Touchup charge are based on time gap between your last session.

1 h 30 min | From $400

Brows Perfection Touchup

This appointment is recommended for the following Touchup 4-6 weeks after your last session

1 h | $250

Brows Refresh

Apply For Existing Client Only Within 6 months $350 Within 12 months $500 Within 18 months $650 Touchup charge are based on time gap between your last session.

1 h | From $350